One Way Mirror

Jonathon takes people watching to a whole new level in this black-mirroresque true story!

One Way Mirror

One Way Mirror is a very modern performance reminding me a lot of Black Mirror (and not just because they have the word Mirror in the title). In this piece, Jonathan tells the true story's he experienced living in a converted solicitors office in East London through a one way mirror! He can see the world, they can't see him. The stories take place around the time of the covid-19 pandemic and really took me back to that time where there wasn't much else to do - hence all the people watching Johnathon gets up to. 

This piece was pure genius. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and right up until the end I was so uncertain about what was going to happen next. Jo

nathan himself is a fascinating individual who really knows how to draw you in and leave you wondering. 

One of the coolest things about this performance is you could watch it multiple times and you would see different things each time! I can't spoil why this is without spoiling a lot of the premise of the show but trust me when I say the show could go in so many directions!

The piece does involve a lot of audience participation - most of which is very passive. Any more active roles were handled through volunteers. You can just watch or you can chose to be watched. The audience on the night I went was electric. There was so much laughter throughout and everyone was so involved and captivated that they were expressing all their thoughts aloud. 

I haven't seen a piece of theatre quite like this one. It was wacky, funny and so so intriguing. The fact that this is based on a real place and his real stories makes it even more charming. Jonathon has taken us back in time and into his own world in a such an immersive way. He takes people watching to a whole new level!

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