Voice's Top 10's of the decade

10 years of great art and cultural output.

Voice's Top 10's of the decade

A decade. 10 years. 120 months. 3650 days. So much time, but it’s flown by in the blink of an eye... or maybe I’m finally getting old?

The decade brought with it many changes. Social media exploded, and then undermined democracy. Shopping was revolutionised by e-commerce, and undermined the high street. Technology companies grew to become the largest entities in the world, and then undermined public trust. There was a lot of undermining, if you think about it. 

Yet, the decade also saw creativity flourish, and those undermining entities allowed for new, open and democratic ways for people to express themselves and create new arts. We also saw a fantastic outpouring from traditional art forms, and we have collated some of those for you here.

Our talented team of writers have fretted over the last month to produce a list of what they consider to be the 10 defining works of their respective genres from the last 10 years, and I’m very excited to share them with you. 

As with any list, there will  be contentious entries, and if there is something you disagree with, or think we absolutely nailed, we want to hear from you! We can be found @voicemaguk on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and many of the authors have their social media channels in their bio.

Keep it civil, keep it classy, and happy 2020!

Best books of the decade (published 01/01)


Best films of the decade (published 02/01)


Best video games of the decade (published 03/01)


Best albums of the decade (published 04/01)ea7fdceb67ada5fdd69fc986df24c389c3a9b212.jpg

Best TV shows of the decade (published 05/01)


Best visual art of the decade (published 06/01)


Tom Inniss

Tom Inniss Voice Team

Tom is the Editor of Voice. He is a politics graduate and holds a masters in journalism, with particular interest in youth political engagement and technology. He is also a mentor to our Voice Contributors, and champions our festivals programme, including the reporter team at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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