How to...get into Origami

This ancient art form is said to originate in Japan but historians believe that Buddhist monks introduced the art of paper folding to Japan in the late 6th Century. But are you as skilled as the masters of this creative past time?

How to...get into Origami

Its easy to get into origami. Just pick up a bit of paper or a book and you're ready to go!!

Origami could not be easier. There are resources and links all over the internet, there are several easy step by step instruction books for sale and plenty of World Records!

I would start with some identical squares of paper (you can buy packs of special origami paper online and in all good craft shops) and a YouTube how-to video of the item you would like to make.

Follow the video as it is playing and if you are unsure of what fold to do, pause the video and look and listen carefully at what the person is doing throughout that step.

I would suggest starting with easy things to make, like love hearts, hats, boats, animals and then move on to the intermediate stuff or just fold what you like.

Learning origami is such a readily available resource, that all you have to do is type into Google: 'origami heart' or 'origami box' or whatever you would like to make and instantly there will be videos, tips, blogs and step by step instructions.

Hopefully this has inspired you to get into origami!


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  • Kheira Bey

    On 25 January 2017, 13:39 Kheira Bey Contributor commented:

    Interesting advice here Emily! It would have been great to have seen yourself teaching us via a YouTube 'How to' video, making it look easy. Would you class origami as an art form?

  • On 25 January 2017, 15:02 [Deleted User] commented:

    Thank you, I will update this How To guide with a video like you suggested. And yes, I would most certainly class origami as an art form

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