Voice Views: most inspirational activist

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Voice Views: most inspirational activist

2019 has witnessed an explosion of activism. With October 31st looming as the Brexit deadline, our thoughts turn to the many activists who have been campaigning around Brexit. This year has also been dominated by a flame of hope: Thunberg. Greta Thunberg reinvented activism and given us a cause to hope, as well as to act. 

That’s why we’re asking this month: who is the most inspirational activist?

We’re going to be jumping onto Twitter and Instagram to hear your views this month so make sure you reach out and speak up. Send us a DM, reply to our Instagram stories, Tweet us @voicemaguk and use the hashtag #VoiceViews.

So, who is the most inspirational activist in your opinion?

Perhaps they’re a historical figure who characterised a particular struggle or even someone who went unnoticed until years later. Maybe they are a young contemporary in 2019 or a group of people campaigning for certain rights. Whether they educate society on a prejudiced issue, lead the fight against sexual harassment or represent those who are underepresented, we want to hear about it. 

From Malala to Bono, Befeqada Hailu to Emma Watson, we want to know who your most inspirational activist is, and why.  

Get involved. Spread their word. Act because they acted. 

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