I find arts education more interesting than academic education

I find arts education and careers as equally important as academic education and careers. However, that doesn't seem to be the case in school.

I find arts education more interesting than academic education

I find that schools try to divert the career choices that students make, towards the academic side of things which I do not agree with, I believe that performance is a very important contribution to society as entertainment seems to be a becoming increasingly more popular and I enjoy giving performances to audiences it is like a gift and it makes people feel emotion and inspirational as I do when I watch enjoyable performances. For me, being at my school I've noticed that the head teacher doesn't support the arts departments as much as the other more academic departments,which is unfair because the students who are interested in arts do not get the full support they could be getting so it is therefore unfair.

I am dedicated to my circus life and I also thoroughly enjoy it and hope to take it up as a career either full of part time. I am still young so I do not know all of the aspects and requirements of a circus career but I do have a basic idea and understanding as I have researched and looked at websites like the national career website. I find it quite a big set back when teachers doubt the choice of circus as a career and when they are supposed to support and inform they advise student to pick something 'more realistic' or a backup job. I do not agree with the term 'academic back up job' as it implies that an arts career choice isn't as stable as academic jobs. That might be the case if an academic.

I agree it can be more risky as performance is dependant on physical health and ability for example injury can have a huge impact on the performance side of circus however there are other jobs within the circus industry, performance isn't the only option, and that applies with other art forms as well. Technical work within circus could also be a 'back up job' or as I prefer to call it a additional job, some examples are: director/producer, costume designer, promoter and make up artist and more, these are not categorised as arts but are possible jobs within the circus industry so I don't find it necessary to find an academic job if that is not what appeals to me.

I understand that schools direct the choices towards academic subject and decisions because they want children in their schools to have good qualifications and marks in exams and want children from their schools to make money in further careers but I find, it just as important to enjoy what you do. Education now, is more learning how to answer questions to a exam as a pose to looking into a subject and properly learning about it, which I find hard to process and don't find a very enjoyable experience. I find school life has had a big impact on my views on my choices and unfortunately for school's aims, I don not enjoy academic education as much as I enjoy arts which to me are both important and can help each other, for example as an artist you need to know the science behind things you are doing to know your body and equipment you use. I find in what I have learned at circus helps with school in some aspect because me being a visual and practical I find it easier to experience something to understand it and in some ways circus has helped with that surprisingly especially in Biology and Physics. For example knowing the parts of the body and what happens to the body before, during and after exercise and knowing how counter balancing works etc. So although they are different forms of education,they help each other and I do not think academic decisions should be supported by teachers anymore than arts decisions. It is also biased because generally teachers who help with career choices are not dance teachers or art teachers in my school but academic teachers themselves who probably do not understand arts in the same way a performing arts teacher would.


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  • Bhavesh Jadva

    On 24 October 2015, 12:54 Bhavesh Jadva Voice Team commented:

    This is great - such an effective piece advocating the worth of arts education! It is worth noting though, that there isn't an arts education without also teaching it in an academic context: art history, science of art etc.

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