Denise Marsa returns with a spellbinding single, ‘Kiss Me in the Rain’.

‘Kiss Me in the Rain’ emerges from the threads of dark allure and pulsating energy. 

Denise Marsa returns with a spellbinding single, ‘Kiss Me in the Rain’.

Marsa, an acclaimed singer-songwriter known for her innovative blend of alt-indie pop, delivers a haunting melody that captivates the senses from the first note. Infused with gothic undertones, the song beckons listeners into its embrace, offering a journey through shadowed landscapes and ethereal soundscapes.

Marsa's vocals soar with an arresting intensity, conveying a depth of emotion that resonates long after the final chord fades. Her lyrics, dripping with evocative imagery, paint a vivid picture of longing and desire, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the intoxicating melody. 

Setting the stage ablaze for her forthcoming album, ‘PIVOTAL’. With the new album, Denise Marsa cements her status as a true musical innovator, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of genre and style. Produced in collaboration with Janosch Roth, Anna Paulin, and Viktor Becker, and featuring the talents of renowned guitarist Paul A. Harvey, the album represents a significant milestone in Marsa's career.

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