NADIA returns with striking new single "Buzz"

Belfast dance-pop powerhouse NADIA is back with “Buzz”, a euphoric, melodic anthem that celebrates the magnetic pull of city life.

eac48ddcffcee2f0e560ea23bdb4b730ae2ad88a.png Released on February 2nd, the Irish singer-songwriter is unleashing her next soulful offering after a string of hypnotic hits, including “Figure it Out” and “Every Step” that featured collaboration with big-time producer Arden ‘Keyz’ Altino (known for his work with Jay Z, Mary J. Blige and Justin Bieber). Carrying through her 90s club music sensibilities and ability to pen memorable, floor-filling choruses, NADIA is revealing a mystifying new edge with the salacious “Buzz".

Creating a twist on NADIA’s new sound, “Buzz” combines the singer’s trademark velvety vocals with a refreshing dance-pop soundscape. Married with a seductive groove, swarming synths and entrancing production, this subtle earworm is a shimmering depiction of navigating life in a new city. Reconnecting with the emotive, raw songwriting expressed throughout her career, NADIA doesn’t shy away from lyrically expressing feelings of loneliness. However, she is unashamedly embracing its allure, seeking solace in busy commotion - “I like it like that / When life is so fast.” As the song progresses, the listener is met with glamorous embellishments and sound effects, incorporating strings with NADIA’S hazy delivery. Eventually spiraling into an uplifting cloud of soft pads and soothing bell synths, the hit illustrates the rush that NADIA cannot resist. 

Maintaining an overall sense of mystique, NADIA is displaying her lyrical integrity without diminishing her doubtless knack for crafting catchy, dance-pop melodies. Whilst the chorus is ensured to stick in our head for days, it is also set to captivate and hypnotize us, complimented by NADIA’S serene, honeyed vocal tone. Reverting from obvious interpretations of the dance genre, the singer is combining her personal experiences with an irresistible rhythmic drive, sonically crafting a gentler version of her admired neo-soul style. “Buzz" shines just as brightly as the rest of the singer-songwriter’s acclaimed discography, whilst taking listeners down a honest new direction. 

Don’t miss out on what NADIA has to offer and listen to “Buzz”: 

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