Mercy (I really want that, after having to do a group project for this song)

an experience of playing a generic pop song (aka Mercy by Shawn Mendes) that I'll never ever play again, as a band. Look I'm sorry (not really lol) I really don't like pop music as much as a lot of other people.

I had to play the bass for the song. It wasn't bad but I still felt mildly dissatisfied (just mildly), and it felt quite forced. Having to listen to others playing whilst I play simultaneously felt weird cuz I wasn't sure if I was going the right pace, but I just listened and communicated via sound. 

I felt like I learned nothing, however I learned to play a generic song I'd probably never play again. there were times I had to adjust a little but that doesn't take away my point of finding it generic.  

Tbf the experience felt hollow like an empty box. 

I learned that I could play a more bass-like or guitar-like sound on a bass if I wanted, but it isn't really anything special or surprising. I wish I had a bass at home just so I can learn and not feel like my fingers were touching a metal slide during the summer (basically burning hot). 

I liked that I couldn't hear the bass, so I didn't have to hear my playing.  

I hated my experience and didn't feel accomplished, even though I did something. 

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