Unveiling the Soulful Sounds of speakeazie

In the vibrant world of indie pop, where melodies are emotions and lyrics paint stories, emerges speakeazie, a Minneapolis-based artist with a penchant for noir aesthetics.

With a dreamy sound that harks back to the 1920s, speakeazie creates music that speaks to the soul and resonates with those seeking solace in its melodies. Having released her "Prohibition Hippie" earlier this year and followed by the soul-stirring EP "Bootlegger Blood", speakeazie is back with a new offering that promises to touch hearts and ignite emotions: the single "Ashtray Tears".

Originally hailing from the south and now calling the Twin Cities home, speakeazie's music is a reflection of her personal journey and emotional landscapes. Influenced by the enigmatic noir era, her unique blend of indie pop is infused with a dreaminess that transports listeners to another time and place. Her music resonates with those who connect deeply with their emotions, offering a space for introspection and vulnerability.

The latest addition to speakeazie's discography is the single "Ashtray Tears". Clocking in at 5 minutes and 12 seconds, this track is a journey through emotions and a testament to the artist's ability to create an immersive experience. With a hauntingly beautiful melody and a lyrical narrative that speaks to the heart, "Ashtray Tears" is a portrayal of love, fear, and vulnerability. The song delves into the intricate complexities of relationships, exploring themes of self-doubt, longing, and the fear of ruining something precious.

The lyrics beautifully capture the essence of longing and uncertainty, painting a picture of love that's both fragile and powerful. Lines like "And when you’re gone, I smoke your favorite cigarettes" and "Keep me on you, take you off trail" encapsulate the tug-of-war between desire and fear. The repetition of "Tears when you're feeling me" throughout the song further emphasizes the emotional weight of the lyrics.

speakeazie's "Ashtray Tears" is more than a song; it's a journey into the depths of human emotion. With her distinctive blend of dreamy pop and noir aesthetics, speakeazie crafts a sonic experience that resonates with listeners on a visceral level. Through her music, she invites us to embrace our vulnerabilities and connect with our own stories. As we immerse ourselves in the soul-stirring melodies of "Ashtray Tears" we're reminded of the power of music to heal, uplift, and inspire, one haunting note at a time.

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