SINGLE RELEASE: Rachael Sage - 'The Other Side'

Rachael Sage, singer-songwriter, poet, arranger, and producer, is back with her latest folk-pop anthem, ‘The Other Side’ — instantly hummable as it is lyrically poignant.

SINGLE RELEASE: Rachael Sage - 'The Other Side'

Following on from the captivating lead single ‘Whistle Blow’, Rachael Sage is unleashing her latest album’s title track.

‘The Other Side’ is heartwarming with its memorable, gospel-tinged chorus and rapid-fire poeticism. Sage's timeless songwriting reminds us that what's most important – in relationships, dreams or our quest for freedom in whatever form – is always worth waiting for. With a killer horn section, soulful organ and spirited Elton-esque piano, this track is steeped in hope and just the right amount of best-is-yet-to-come optimism.

The phrase “the other side” is deeply evocative, conjuring up images of political strife, opposing perspectives, military battles, and the afterlife. But it also brings to mind memories of flipping over vinyl or cassette album sides, reminding us of our innate need for dichotomies in all aspects of life, from the polarities of pop music to the simple act of breathing. Sage embraced these connotations and more when titling this intricately woven and exquisitely beautiful album.

With fifteen tracks of emotionally charged and intricately woven music that recall the classic, retro-warmth of the ’70s and ’80s, Sage’s latest 15th studio album is one of the most grounded and stunning of her illustrious career. Produced by Sage alongside engineers Mikhail Pivovarov and Grammy® winner Andy Zulla, the album seamlessly blends a myriad of genres and instruments into a cohesive and captivating whole.

Recorded in 2022 amid a whirlwind of back-to-back tours with Imelda May and Howard Jones - who features on the record with guest vocals - the album’s musical collaborators include Jack Petruzzelli (Patti Smith), Russ Johnson (Elvis Costello), and James Mastro (Ian Hunter). Finding its home in the lush soundscapes of Americana, alt-folk, and pop ‘The Other Side’ sees Sage dive into a range of covers from Yazoo’s classic ‘Only You’, with two other lesser-known covers, Maria McKee’s ‘Breathe’ and ballad by 90’s NYC female-fronted rockers Danielle’s Mouth entitled ‘Forgive Me This’.

Detailing her latest album, Sage shares, “This record is starker than my previous work, and less afraid to look fear in the eye or give fate the finger. When I wrote the song ‘The Other Side’, I was separating from someone I still loved very much, while a family member had just been diagnosed with a serious illness, requiring me to be fully present to help them through it… The world seemed to be burning, but the grace of friends, loved ones and a beautiful creative community I found in upstate NY carried me through. The title track is essentially a gospel plea for a more forgiving future and for peaceful liberation beyond a time of crisis.”

Since founding her label MPress Records over two decades ago, the NYC-based alt-pop artist has consistently produced a vibrant and dynamic array of albums. Her eclectic tour history includes performances alongside renowned artists such as Ani DiFranco, Beth Hart, Howard Jones, and Grammy® winners Shawn Colvin and Judy Collins – with whom she also recorded a critically-acclaimed duet of Neil Young’s ‘Helpless’. As a six-time Independent Music Award-winning musician and producer, Sage has released over 20 diverse albums and EPs, earning recognition as a John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize winner. Sage’s talents have brought her to esteemed festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe and SXSW, and she has toured globally with her band, The Sequins, from Japan to Berlin. In addition to her musical achievements, Sage is a philanthropic advocate, supporting various causes, including WHY Hunger, the American Refugee Committee, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, and the National Network for Youth (NN4Y).

‘The Other Side’ is a musical journey showcasing Sage’s talent and emotional depth. With her unique blend of genres and instrumentation, Sage has created an album that is both stunningly beautiful and deeply moving.


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