Unpropped Releases Captivating Single 'Virola' and Announces Debut EP 'Acausality'

Unpropped, an enigmatic avant-garde producer, is making waves in the electronic music scene with the release of his latest single, 'Virola'.

'Virola' plunges listeners into an otherworldly experience from the very beginning, as urgent tones reminiscent of a raid siren build tension. The track gradually unfolds, revealing gory textures and pulsating beats that enthrall the senses. Unpropped sheds light on the production process, explaining the fusion of two distinct ideas that seamlessly came together. Resampling techniques were employed, with the initial elements crafted using an Elektron Digitone. The resulting synergy between the separate lines exceeded Unpropped's expectations, and the transition between them became a defining feature of the track.

Unpropped's musical development was profoundly shaped during his two-year education at the Longevity Music School in Strasbourg, France. This period allowed him to harness his vast creativity and channel it into unexpected patterns and mystical arrangements. Drawing inspiration from his diverse cultural experiences in countries like Brazil, India, and Morocco, Unpropped's unique perspective permeates his compositions. Influenced by artists such as Floating Points, Amon Tobin, and Alva Noto, Unpropped's music defies conventional boundaries. Comparisons to early Plastikman, Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Lorn can be drawn, showcasing his ability to create a distinct sonic identity.

Unpropped's debut EP, 'Acausality', is scheduled for release on the 30th of June. The five-track project promises to take listeners on a cinematic journey, guided by Unpropped's dynamic ethos and minimalistic approach. Known for his intuitive sounds and ability to go beyond traditional norms, Unpropped aims to create a sense of community through his performances, offering an experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

Unpropped's emergence as an avant-garde producer has brought a fresh wave of innovation to the electronic music scene. With the release of his compelling single, 'Virola', and the impending arrival of his debut EP, 'Acausality', Unpropped continues to captivate listeners with his unique sonic landscapes. Drawing inspiration from his global experiences and influenced by an array of visionary artists, Unpropped's music offers a mesmerizing journey into uncharted territories. As he prepares to showcase his dynamic ethos through live performances, the anticipation surrounding Unpropped's future endeavors is undeniably high.

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Header Image Credit: Chiara Bellamoli


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