6 Ways to Survive Your First Solo Vacation

While it can be incredibly liberating to navigate yourself across the globe, taking steps to plan your solo trip in advance is key. Stick with us as we share six solo survival tips for your first independent vacation. 

6 Ways to Survive Your First Solo Vacation

6 Ways to Survive Your First Solo Vacation

Solo traveling is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many, while for others, it’s a frequent occurrence. Whether you jet to the other side of the world for a culture-packed adventure or simply catch the train to a new city, solo vacations are great ways to find yourself and what you love about the earth around you.


This being said solo travelling can also be daunting. If you’re a first-time solo traveller, it’s normal to be nervous before setting off on a trip of a lifetime. From conducting intricate research to remembering your passport, the planning process alone can steer some people away from the whole experience. 

While it can be incredibly liberating to navigate yourself across the globe, taking steps to plan your solo trip in advance is key. Stick with us as we share six solo survival tips for your first independent vacation and teach you how to feel safe when travelling alone. 

Do Your Research


If you’re heading halfway across the world, taking time to do some research on your chosen destination will not only highlight unmissable location spots but will provide you with more confidence when exploring a new area. 

The key here is to plan your transport routes, accommodation and tentative activities ahead of schedule in order to prevent common travel mishaps. With more time to research your destination, you can pick out safer neighbourhoods, well-reviewed hotels and hostels, as well as the activities previous tourists recommend the most.

Planning ahead of time ensures that you can experience your chosen destination to the max, especially if you’ve researched key restaurants, bars and shops too. Better still, if you gain more knowledge about your travel route itself, it'll be easier to iron out potential hurdles, such as travel restrictions, before you jet off. 

Stay in a Tourist Friendly Spot 

While solo travelling is all about exploring hidden gems across the world, it’s important not to shoot for the stars on your first vacation. In fact, it’s a much better idea to take things easy and visit a tourist-friendly destination where you are surrounded by other like-minded tourists.

Not only are these destinations easier to travel to and explore, but they tend to be much safer for a first-time solo traveller. 

Ensure you head somewhere where your spoken language is understood and the locals are used to frequent travellers. You’ll be more likely to find high-quality accommodation, small slices of home and quick reassurance if you were to feel anxious abroad. 

Don’t Look Like a Tourist 

While you may be heading to a tourist-friendly area, if you want to do solo travelling right, it’s time to ditch your shorts and t-shirt combo, that enormous city map and your Instagram stories.

Appearing more confident on the streets of your area will help you blend in with the locals. Not only will this make you less susceptible to robbers, but it's a great way to really embrace the culture around you. Take notes of a cities best local spots, the country’s favourite sports and the cuisine they are known for.

Study your map before you leave your accommodation, and avoid looking lost. Better still, why not research your destination’s fashion trends prior to your trip and find a range of classic outfits and accessories you can order online

Keep your Friends and Family Updated

If you’re heading on your first solo vacation, make sure you let your loved ones know about your travel plans. Providing them with a direct form of contact as well as sending them updates throughout, can reduce anxiety on both sides.

Why not try travel-sharing apps such as Triplt to share your itinerary with your closest friends and family so they can track your location throughout the trip? Better still, safety apps like Life360 can allow invited users to see where you are in real-time and request an emergency SOS if they see something suspicious.

Let Go of Your Nerves 


Solo travelling is more popular than you think. However, many of us refrain from seeking a solo adventure on account of everything that could go wrong.

Our advice is to let go of the fear and try to work through some of the hurdles that are holding your back from booking your dream solo vacation. Ask yourself what you are most afraid of. Are you worried you’ll miss home? Are you scared for your safety? Or are you just worried you’ll be lonely in your own company?

Address each of your worries by adapting your travel plans. For example, if you’re scared for your safety, head to a more densely populated tourist-heavy location, where you can stay in a resort hotel. 

Do a Practice First Solo Trip

Last but not least, why not put your solo travelling skills into practice before jetting away on your first solo trip? 

If you’re not quite ready to head to the other side of the world, try dipping your toes into solo travelling by going somewhere nearby. This could be a city in your own country or somewhere that you’ve been to before.

Gaining confidence before you head on your first big adventure will ensure that you are well-prepared for a liberating trip of a lifetime. 

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