Suzan Mutesi is the Multi-Hyphenate Actress and Writer on her way to Hollywood

Introducing Suzan Mutesi, the name that will soon be on everyone's lips...

Suzan Mutesi is the Multi-Hyphenate Actress and Writer on her way to Hollywood

Award-winning Ugandan-Australian Suzan Mutesi is the rising multi-hyphenate to be inspired by, Suzan has a lot going on, she is style icon, actress, author, model, singer, producer, activist and all-round creative powerhouse and she is devoted to inspire the next generation to be unapologetically themselves.

A fearless and unique personality, Suzan has grown from humble beginnings in her home country of Uganda, all through becoming a household name in the Australian creative industries and her breakthrough in the international scene, gracing the pages of Vogue France and Australia and becoming an iconic face of Bonds. A trained and talented actress, Suzan is set to be the lead in an upcoming Hollywood movie, which details are still under wrap alongside a Best Actor’s Oscar-winner, she has also just finished filming a cameo role in ‘Anyone But You’, the Sony R-rated Hollywood rom-com starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, with Easy A Golden Globe-nominated writer, director and producer Will Gluck behind the camera. 

As a published author, Suzan’s first book, ‘Unapologetically Black: Afro Sisters’, released in 2020 received critical acclaim by global cultural barometer Vogue which praised the book for “transforming stories of personal discrimination and hardship 

into a book younger generations can turn to and derive comfort from”. Her journey as an author could only develop with her own autobiography The Immigrant That Found Her Unapologetic Voice’, in which she tells the tale of how she found her own unapologetic self, raising important discussions on racism, friendships, trauma, relationships, church culture and more, while providing advice and comfort for other people of colour who can identify with her experiences. 

Her Fashion career has seen Suzan winning the Fashion Icon of the Year award at the Afro-Australia Music And Movie Awards, she also received the Best Fashion Contributor In The Diaspora in Uganda. Fashion Designer Award from Celebrate African Australians at the Fashion Aid Forward. As a fashion designer, she dressed and styled some of the biggest Australian models and celebrities, as well as Kelly Rowland for The Voice Australia. As an influencer and model, she appeared in campaigns for iconic brands like Fenty and Nike. While on her podcast, ‘Unapologetically You’, she interviews people doing noteworthy things in the community and inspiring others.

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