My review on Knidos

I really liked going to knidos because it really inspired me of how people in before centuries have used so many less tools yet still have achieved so many unique pieces .

My review on Knidos

As we all know, the lion in the British Museum “lion of Knidos” has been taken away from where it belongs , the Knidos. The popular lion is from the island of Turkey, Knidos. So Knidos is really such entertaining yet such an interesting place to visit if you want to knowledge any inspirational use ledge of art and want to investigate how people in medieval times have used their art style, i think it is a perfect place to visit. 
I am really inspired and as a Turk, i am really proud of how we have used to present art and still do. The beauty of the Knidos has really surprised me. 
The art pieces were really interesting and precious. 
An interesting fact is that some of the pieces of the art projects was never found. Some of them were missing, or is in the underground. Because there were still some workers at the museum still trying to dig underground to see if there are any pieces left from any of the piece!!

I really enjoyed my visit at Knidos, and i really recommend it. Thank you.

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