We want your voice!


Voice is looking for young people to visit and review local arts events and experiences – this could be films, gigs, art, street festivals or theatre shows!

What does Voice offer?
We'll organise tickets for the events and shows, help you get the hang of arts reviewing, and arrange a supportive group for you to work with.

Yes it’s as simple as that!  Free tickets to events and your opinions published nationally. Check out Voice's reviews section to see where your name will shine or take a look at reviews from our local reviewers in Shropshire, Stoke and Nottingham.

We’re currently recruiting for a new group called Shropshire Young Critics so sign up below or contact Judy at Culture Consortium Shropshire.  If you're based elsewhere, let us know so we can try to create a group.

Thank you to Arts Council England, Trinity College London and all our local partners for supporting this project.