Everyman by the Morton Players

A talented ensemble of students from Guildford High School make you think about the morals by which you live your life.

Everyman by the Morton Players

This production features an ensemble of talented young actors who engage the audience from the moment you enter the studio. Throughout the hour’s show they each demonstrate a high level of energy, great confidence and technical ability in their performance.

The cast have a pronounced blocking and use of audible stage direction which really adds to a sense of understanding and co-ordination in the show which otherwise features a range of devices and topics which make up ‘Everyman’. The use of simple props and ‘chapters' in the show really help to communicate what is going on at each stage.

Their timing across the ensemble was impeccable, with well choreographed movements and confident use of vocalised sounds and the odd song too. This makes for a well polished and comfortable show – even with the fear of being involved in the show as an audience member on numerous occasions (I got comfy pillow, blanket and sweet…).

Overall, this is a strong performance by a young cast tackling a significant moral issue and exploring humanity in an engaging and funny way that gets you thinking about how you live your life and affect those around you.

See this show at C Aquila until the 11th of August. More details at: edfringe.com


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