West End Actor Interrogates Stereotyping Faced by Latinx People in Soho Theatre Solo Show

Guido García Lueches and MarianaMalena Theatre Co. present Playing Latinx at Soho Theatre, Wednesday 10 - Saturday 13 April, 10.30pm

West End Actor Interrogates Stereotyping Faced by Latinx People in Soho Theatre Solo Show

Do you have what it takes to be a successful Latinx? 

From Guido García Lueches and MarianaMalena Theatre Co. comes Playing Latinx, a show about how to be the perfect immigrant. Moving to London from South America, the lead actor realises he will always be typecast into playing typically ‘macho’ Latinx characters - ‘the thug’ or ‘the lover’ - or the comic relief. Adapting to fit these moulds, he shares his tips and tricks with the audience in this part-theatre, part-drag, part-performance seminar. Guido García Lueches’ performance is endlessly silly, interactive and surprising - but never shies away from the political. 

Playing Latinx blends comedy, spoken word and music to interrogate the stereotypes that people from South American countries face in culture and everyday life. The term ‘Latinx’ has flattened out the cultural differences of multitudes of people from a myriad of countries, creating a caricature that has real implications for people living in the UK and the world today. Guido García Lueches expertly plays with these stereotypes, keeping audiences on their toes as humour meets the political. 

Playing Latinx debuted as part of Sprint Festival 2022 at Camden’s People Theatre, where it was supported by Arts Council England, before embarking on a UK tour and an Edinburgh Festival Fringe run 2023. 

Previous Praise

WINNER Short Run Live Theatre OffComm Awards 2022

TOP 10 Picks of the Fringe - People of Theatre 

‘hugely entertaining … quick-witted improvisational skills, sheer charm’  ★★★★ - The Stage

‘wildly entertaining one-person show’ ★★★★ - The Skinny

‘Guido Garcia Lueches is charismatic … and messes with the predictable representations of Latinx characters’ ★★★★ - The List


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