Introducing the Top 10s of 2022

It's been another whirlwind year, and we're here to summarise the best of it with our annual top 10s!

Introducing the Top 10s of 2022

It feels like we've been begging for a quieter, calmer, restorative year for the whole of this decade, and 2022 definitely wasn't it. But, despite the chaos, there have been moments of joy brought about by the creativity and collaboration of wonderful humans across the world. To celebrate these moments, we've compiled our classic end of year Top 10 series, featuring the best in film, music, TV, books, video games, news stories, and published works from the Voice team. From Boxing Day until New Year's Day, come back to Voice to read another Top 10 series and find new ways to spend time during the post-dinner lull.

Of course, with any Top 10, these lists are not definitive, and we are likely to have forgotten a few things, or perhaps you completely disagree with us about one of our additions. Whatever the reason, we want to hear from you, fellow culture lovers! So do join us on all our social channels to let us know your thoughts on our top 10 roundups! We can be found @voicemaguk on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Top 10 films of 2022


(Published 26 December)

Top 10 books of 2022


(Published 27 December)

Top 10 albums of 2022


(Published 28 December)

Top 10 video games of 2022


(Published 29 December)

Top 10 TV series of 2022

(Published 30 December)

Top 10 news stories of 2022

(Published 31 December)

Top 10 Voice articles of 2022

(Published 1 January 2022)


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