Top ten Voice articles in 2022

Looking back at an exceptional year of content from Voice

Top ten Voice articles in 2022

In 2022, our website has seen a wide range of fascinating and engaging content. From in-depth analysis of current events to personal essays and everything in between, our top 10 posts cover a diverse array of topics. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 posts on our website for the year 2022 and give you a brief overview of each one. Whether you're a regular reader or new to our site, we hope you'll find something in this list that piques your interest.

That introduction was written by ChatGPT, a new chatbot that uses Large Language Models to simulate human writing. It’s arguably one of the most advanced AIs to date, and is currently taking sections of the internet by storm. I asked it to write the introduction to this article to get a sense of where the technology is at right now, so that I can comfortably assure you that content created by humans, with real, authentic youth voice at its core, is not going to be supplanted anytime soon. This list is certainly not exhaustive of the fantastic work the team have published over the year, but in the spirit of a 'top 10', please enjoy a smorgasbord of articles produced by the Voice team over 2022!

Scottish independence explained: Treaty of Union

This article was the first in a series by Kickstart Journalist Hamish Gray that explored the history of Scottish/English relations, and the growing movement to regain independence. Looking at past, present and future, Hamish questioned the likelihood of an independent Scotland, and what that relationship might look like, as well as bringing in the voices of those fighting on either side of the debate.   

Author: Hamish Gray

Welsh independence explained: A history of Welsh rebellion

Although Scottish independence dominates the political discourse, there is a small but growing independence push from Welsh nationalists who tire of Westminster domination – and Dulcie provides an excellent account of why there is a bubbling resentment towards the English in her series. Both this and the Scottish independence series are must reads if you want a condensed but easily understandable history of the union and the balance of powers between Westminster, Holyrood and the Senedd.

Author: Dulcie Geist

I’m not inspirational for being deaf, so please don’t treat me differently

Lucy Evans explains that she is tired of being told she is "brave" and "inspiring" for living with hearing loss. She highlights that while 1 in 6 people in the UK have hearing loss, the public is often uneducated about the issue and reacts with fear or pity. She also argues that deaf representation in the media is often performative and does not actually benefit the deaf community.

Author: Lucy Evans

Overturning Roe V. Wade could implicate countries across the globe, here’s how

Protests erupted worldwide after a US Supreme Court draft opinion that proposed overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked on 2 May. If the case is overturned, it would eliminate federal constitutional protections surrounding women’s rights to have an abortion and instead grant power to the states to determine the legality of abortions. Roe V. Wade was then overturned on 24 June 2022, despite 56% of Americans not supporting it. Already 17 states have banned or restricted abortions, and its effects have started to be felt elsewhere around the globe.

Author: Lauren Johnson

How Heraldic Pottery and Duchess China are keeping the pottery industry alive

Duchess China and Heraldic Pottery are hoping to reverse the trend of declining pottery businesses in Stoke-on-Trent. They are a breath of fresh air in the industry, with an emphasis on British handcrafted skill. With materials sourced in the UK and excess products recycled, the companies donate their wares to local charities and engage with the local community. 

Author Sheona Mountford

Why I’m questioning my career as a disabled music journalist

Journalist Faith Martin has questioned the viability of her career as a disabled music journalist after encountering difficulty in travelling to a gig. Martin had booked tickets to see The Lumineers at the O2 Arena, only for her scheduled Uber to be cancelled and local taxi firms to refuse to take her wheelchair. She questions whether a career in journalism is possible for disabled people when infrastructure is not in place to support them. Martin is the founder of campaign Commit To Access, which seeks to improve disability access at music venues.

Author: Faith Martin

Debunking climate myths: 'untouched' land

The idea of "wilderness" as an untouched land free from human influence is a myth, according to research. A study by the University of Maryland shows that three-quarters of Earth's land was inhabited and shaped by humans 12,000 years ago, with more than 95% of temperate and 90% of tropical woodlands being impacted. Indigenous cultures have been found to have an important role in promoting sustainable biodiversity and their knowledge should be included in conservation efforts.

Author: Sadhana Narayanan

Queer coding: a fine art and a load of old fart

Queer coding, or the portrayal of non-heterosexual characters without explicitly stating it, has a long and complex history in film and TV. The Hays Code, which censored films in the US, forbade filmmakers from depicting "any inference of sex perversion". This led to the use of inference and stereotypes to portray queerness on screen, often through villainous characters. This practice continued long after the end of the Hays Code, and even in the modern day. However, the queer community has also found positive examples of queer coding, sometimes left in media as a secret message to the community.

Author: Dulcie Geist

Too little, too late?: The approach that marred COP27

The 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) recently concluded with a decision to establish and operationalise a climate loss and damage fund. This fund will provide financial aid to poorer countries vulnerable to the effects of climate change. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres welcomed the fund, but declared that more must be done to urgently reduce emissions. The Emission Gap 2022 report from the United Nations Environment Programme shows that countries have only achieved one-fiftieth of the goals laid out in the previous year's summit to maintain temperatures within 1.5C of pre-industrial levels.

Author: Elle Farrel-Kingsley

Series: Representation in the mediad702aed3b8309a3aaa5c3b057671c0779bebe7ee.png

Read on Voice

As part of our newly reshaped Voice Contributor programme, the first round of young writers were given the theme of media representation to explore and interpret in their own ways. From the lack of trans representation and interview with Asifa Lahore to looking at how media representation of climate change detracts from its seriousness, this series of features showcases youth voices and the issues they find most pressing.

Author: Voice Contributors


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