Isolation ideas!

Here are some ways to stay sane during quarantine! I know it can seem scary and overwhelming, but try to see these next few weeks as a period of rest and an opportunity to recharge.

Isolation ideas!

Hey guys. Crazy times we are living in right now, that’s for sure. I know it can seem scary and overwhelming, being faced with this much uncertainty, but try (if you can; I know it’s hard) to see these next few weeks as a period of rest and an opportunity to recharge. Here are some of the things I’ve been practicing whilst aiming to do my best to look after my mental and physical health whilst social distancing. If you have any other suggestions, let me know in the comments!

Actually meditating

This might be something you’ve been meaning to incorporate into your daily or weekly routines for a while now, but now is the time to actually put it into practice. Lots of time alone at home with nothing to do means that now is the perfect time to focus on your breath and the present moment. It’ll be hard at first - like everything else - but start with a couple of minutes, then move up to five, ten, and even more and watch the magic happen. You can download apps like 1 Giant Mind to help you improve and track your progress. Have a go!

At home yoga or workouts

Taking time out of your day to move your body is super important! You can still do gentle exercises at home (and the guidelines do actually state that going outside to exercise as long as you stay away from others!) - yoga, some pilates or core workouts or even a dance party in your bedroom! Sweaty Betty have discontinued their delivery costs as well if you needed an excuse to buy some more workout gear…


Don’t fall into the Netflix binge trap - break out your colouring pencils, watercolours or just a blank word document and make something. It could be as simple as a quick doodle or painting, or as intricate as poetry, or maybe start that novel you were always supposed to write, who knows?! This is an important time of total rest for what feels like the entire world, let’s use it to our advantage.

Learn something

There are lots of courses online for free. Including Amnesty International’s human rights course, as well as a whole bunch of random ones on You can even just download Duolingo and start learning a new language! Lots of artists and writers are now releasing content for free as well, but remember to give them a financial contribution if you can, as it’s unlikely that they will get compensation for this time. 

Declutter and reorganise

This is the perfect time to do all that spring cleaning you’ve been putting off. Plus, it will help clear your mind as well! There’s nothing worse than sitting and living in a cluttered space so have that clear out you were always planning on. You can post unwanted items on websites such as Freecycle or Facebook marketplace and go to drop things round to peoples’ houses (without going in!!) to get some bonus exercise in as well, and you’re also saving the planet by not throwing stuff away either.

Remember to be kind to yourselves and to others at the moment, kinder than you thought was possible. We are all in this together and we could definitely all do with a little compassion at the moment. 

Stay safe, keep well and isolate and distance as much as you can.

We’ll get through this together.


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