Holistic Advice For Tackling Study & Exam Stress

Reiki Master Jacqueline Whelan shares her top stress-busting tips.

Holistic Advice For Tackling Study & Exam Stress

Jacqueline Whelan discovered her calling by forming a unique personal connection with Reiki. Naturally sensitive, highly intuitive, and already with a passion for helping others, Jacky says, “Reiki allows me to feel a peace I have never previously experienced in my life. I had the realisation that I could use my senses to help heal people”.

Reiki, a form of energy healing, can be used to tackle everything from stress to addiction, depression, and fertility issues. Reiki can reduce physical and emotional pain, ease fatigue, and assist the body's healing process. 

As a Reiki Master, Jacky celebrates her natural gift to read auras and identify and dispel energy blockages; she enables her clients to take control of their own energy, break down mental & physical barriers, and be the best version of themselves. As a result, clients have reported feeling peaceful and rested, stress-free and clearer-headed - with clarity on their future life path.

Jacky is excited to continue with her healing mission, helping as many people as possible, including individual clients - with in-person & remote sessions, alongside working with international health organisations.   Jacky is pleased to share some of her Top Tips for Overcoming Study & Exam Stress with us.

How Can I Stop Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you need to put first your healing first. You need to dedicate some time to your wellbeing. This will help you release unwanted energy – which will help you to stay focussed.

*Get outside – walk in nature

*Take some alone time


*Take some gentle exercise

* Make sure your room or immediate space is clean, organised and uncluttered

* Do not compare yourself to others

* Do a good deed for someone or donate to a charity

* Give yourself a small treat such as an air purifying plant or some flowers

How Can I Overcome Exam Stress?

* Before the exam, focus on all your achievements, everything you have learnt and how far you have come

*Give yourself gratitude for all your hard work and take a moment to relax, believe in yourself and tell yourself, ‘I’ve got this’

*Tell yourself you are brave and confident and you will succeed

*Promise yourself something nice to look forward to after studying and the exam/s – anything from seeing family friends, a spa day or just a candlelit bath at home

How Can Crystals Help?

*Relaxation - Rose quartz , Rose quartz is perfect for love, it is good to feel relaxed in our own skin and give us self-love. We deserve to relax. 

*Focus - clear quartz,  place on your 3rd eye and head to get rid of any stress and declutter our minds.

*Ease stress – Amythest - I have been using this stone as a powerful healing stone for the throat chakra since I started Reiki and always seen powerful results. Place on throat chakra and use your voice to promote a healthy exam day - and repeat positive affirmations -

I am calm / I am in control / I am taking time to relax.  Count to 10 and back down. You will be fine!

*Sleep -for sleep, any Pyrite stone helps as they absorb negative thoughts - they shine like stars creating a relaxing atmosphere in the room.  Also, Himalayan salt lamps help you sleep - many tests have proven that they help with insomnia.




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