Looking for a creative career?

Welcome to the careers section on Voice - the place to find interviews, opportunities and features about the world of work and kickstart your own development in the creative industry.

Creative careers can start in a number of different ways - not just a uni course. Your ideas may grow out of an Arts Award leadership project, or you may plough straight into the world of work - be it a gallery assistant, usher, technician or many other entry level roles - and you may choose to get the best of both training and work with an apprenticeship.

Whatever stage you're at, continued learning is good. Voice works with Trinity College London to help people find out about their arts qualifications and take advantage of the flexible framework for creative development which Arts Award offers.

Getting trained

Apprenticeships are one option.  You 'earn and learn' on the job with possibly some days at college too. Or choose a degree apprenticeship to experience a bit of University.  Get some advice from Creative Choices or on the UK Apprenticeships website.

And if you're about to leave an apprenticeship and don't know what to do next, Curious Minds have produced a great video that contain some hints and tips. Rule #1 - Don't Panic! 

Jumping straight into work

There's always the option of making a go of your career straight away.  We have interviews in the scrollable list below to help you kickstart your career and a 'Want My Job?' series that cover everything from marketing to writers, actors to photographers.

If you want to 'go it alone' then our piece about being self employed might help, or our advice about setting up your own company.