Sylvie, Loki, President Loki or Crocodile Loki???

If Loki is your favourite Marvel character (not villain he is just misunderstood) you will love the series. But are the series linking again? Will there be a cameo? Who knows.. well apart from the so-called "time keepers"...

Sylvie, Loki, President Loki or Crocodile Loki???


(This picture represents how i feel after finishing the series) 

If you have watched the Loki series in full without crying, I'm impressed35d8df8bb2e3c9598a19835682aaaacf8f0579fe.png.

First things first, the intro for the final episode OH MY GOD! To say I got goose bumps would be putting it lightly, this is the mother of all intros. 

The way the the voices over lapped as if it was going back in time down the MCU. Just wow. 

I think my favourite thing about the series is the underline meaning of why Loki and Sylvie would create a catastrophic event when they held hands. Because Loki is never meant to love himself, himself like him as a person have have self love, not falling in love with the alternate universe female variant of himself. The fact that Marvel have built the Loki character over the past movies as being, the amazing, God of Mischief, always putting himself first, not caring about the consequence, to building on his character and giving the series for people to understand him and explain  why he does what he does.

The series allows him to build upon himself, and have the clean slate to choose a new path, not being casted as the one that betrays. The series will give people a character to relate to, to prove that just because you have a rough past, everyone can change and not to judge people on what they've done in the past without knowing their circumstances.


Sarah Harrison

Sarah Harrison

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  • Molly McIntosh

    On 9 August 2021, 14:10 Molly McIntosh Kickstart commented:

    Really relate to this review as I really enjoyed the Loki series, more than what I thought I would actually. And I agree, the intro in the last episode was amazing! but I really like your statement about the underlining meaning that Loki was never meant love himself as that is a theory that I didn't really think about when watching the series, but now that you've pointed it is something that seems so clear and blatant to the series and arc of the character now.

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