Bug and Jewellery making workshop with Tinkan Designs

Here is my review for the workshops of Tinkan Designs, including summary and short film.

Bug and Jewellery making workshop with Tinkan Designs

What was the title of the activity

  • Bug and jewelry making workshops

What art form did you try?

  • Jewellery making and small metal sculpture from recycled materials.

Why did you take this workshop?

  • Because I was interested in working with metal.

Who taught the event, and what did you learn about the teacher?

  • Annabel Neilson taught the event, she has studied fine art-painting, and more recently blacksmithing and metalwork, and is a self-taught jewellery-maker.

Did you create any artwork? Describe it and the processes you undertook when you created it:

  • I made a bracelet out of metal it was made of 3 pieces of thick metal wire and a curved piece of metal to connect the metal wire to but before I attached them I had to hammer the ends of the metal wire so that we could get a rivet through it to connect it to the metal plate.
  • I also made a strange bug like creature from recycled materials.

List some new skills or ideas you learnt:

  • I learnt how to make jewellery and I now better understand how to work with metal.

Did you enjoy the activity? Why?

  • I really enjoyed this workshop because I learnt so many new skills.

Where did you share this review?

  • On Voice and on YouTube, including photos and a short film.








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  • Luke Taylor

    On 2 November 2017, 10:44 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Great stuff Innis!

  • Innis Major

    On 7 November 2017, 09:11 Innis Major commented:

    Thanks Luke.

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