When A Fire Starts To Burn: DISCLOSURE

A review of When A Fire Starts to Burn by Disclosure by Anwar

When A Fire Starts To Burn: DISCLOSURE

I am going to review the music video for 'When a fire starts to burn' by Disclosure. I like the song because the beat is good. I like how repetitive it is because its easy.

I liked the video, its cool. It starts at a community group and they are soon overcome with the music. It gets to them and they start to dance and move. They follow the music. Music is the religion. It is a good music video that suits the song.

It has had a lot of plays on youtube... 17,964,381 views.

I think my friends would like. I would recommend it.


Lucy Thornton

Lucy Thornton

We are Nightingale Class from Cambridge School in London! We like making music!

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