Ashers Review of One Dance by Drake

I quite like the song and I have reviewed Drakes Music video for it!

Ashers Review of One Dance by Drake

I am going to review One Dance by Drake.

I like the video for this song because the different colours in it, it matches the song well. It gives me all different emotions. There are a lot of blue scenes, which feel very sad. And there are red scenes which have very blurry lighting. Its atmospheric. There are lots of reflections that are cool and look very modern. Its slow paced and each shot lasts a long time.

It features Drake going around town, always on the go, seeing his friends. He looks worried about what might happen next, he might be thinking about a girl. He drives around a lot in a fancy car. I think he is in Canada because thats where he is from and I can tell by the weather, it very snowy and looks cold. He's dressed very well and looks cool.

I recommend it because it is a trendy song.

It is a popular song, its had 21,155,057 views, as of 8th Nov 2016. It was released on the 14th May 16 and the production company was NSRecord.


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