​​It's Thea-Skot in here (So take off all your clothes)

Fun, loud and slightly bonkers.

​​It's Thea-Skot in here (So take off all your clothes)

Fun is the best way to describe this show; if seeing an unsuspecting audience member getting a crotch thrusted in the face by a comedian doesn't make you laugh, then maybe seeing Cher dressed like a bat will.

Between the aggressive dog lessons and the Lady and the Tramp moment (with a Pepperami), there's no way to know which sketch was better, they were all hilarious. There was a bit about the horrors of online dating which involved a 4 Ft. penis. All in all, rude and unexpectedly funny.

Alison was amazing with her outrageously funny TV style sketches. Her voice was on a par with Cher... if she didn't have a great singing voice it wouldn't have been as funny.

Most of the comics at the fringe are very punchline-based and while Thea is laugh-out-loud funny, it's more the overall fun of the show that shines through, rather than word-based gags. Whether having biscuits thrown at us or witnessing a guy from the audience drawing Thea like "one of his French girls" with a babybell around her neck, the whole thing felt unique.

Her style is great and allows the audience to interact and join in the fun. The transitions between skits were well done, especially considering the space she was performing in. She really made it come to life.

I felt quite bad for the poor guy sitting right at the front dressed like Wally, but it was worth the laughter. Overall, a brilliant performance and a rollicking show.

* * * * *

Aug 17-27. 8.45pm. Read more here.


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