UKYA Animation Shorts

Cartoons on a sunday afternoon, ukya offers a playlist of wonderful shorts animations from young artists.

UKYA Animation Shorts

A shorter playlist of interesting stories and different use of animations varying from stop-motion to projection mapping, an easy watch on a Sunday afternoon.

Abigail Haywood – Ashes to Ashes

The narrator (Abi herself) describes the events of a singular moment when a house fire took all her belongings and the bleak reality she faced. A sweet stop motion animated through everyday objects such as hair spray, binoculars and nail varnish and so on. These types of scenarios can happen to anyone, it is clear from the message that while she had lost ‘everything’ she was able to move on with memories she had of some things and re-buy the favourites. It was a lovely lesson for anyone to learn from in such unpredictable times.

Valle Comba – Uka

Child like wonder filled the space for the next short. The scene is set in a grey and seemingly lonely room in a factory. A little girl is keeping herself occupied while painting a grey canvas. This was a simple piece on the creativity one can master once colour is brought into the mix. She produces beautiful light catchers that make her super happy and warming to the heart of the viewer.

By Kanika Safiya

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