I, Myself & Me

A one woman show created and performed by Rachael Young

I, Myself & Me

A solo show set in The Warren: Studio 3. The audience are taken on a journey travelling through Rachael's raw and honest words. The clock is ticking and Rachael catapults the audience from one location to the next. From school discos and first dances with twirling palm trees to Kenya running between flower pots, microphones and dodging cactuses.

Rachael starts off nervous and unsure but with the trust of the audience her story blossoms from the piles of soil scattered around the stage. The set (designed by Naomi Kuyck-Cohen) creates powerful imagery and is hidden with all weird and wonderful things - unveiling a never ending list of everything a woman should do but shouldn't - a tick list of the limited proportions and unrealistic expectations.

It's a comical moment yet a stark reminder of the pressures society weigh on women from a young age. Rachael runs from them, shakes them off but fights against each social norm head on. Challenging all social beliefs and transporting the audience from one manic thought to another. Rachael stops the clock and speaks candidly of her own personal thoughts and we are left reflecting on the time of life and the impending fear of it all running out.

At moments you almost want to get rid of all of the overpowering props and fancy set and just listen as, in parts, its hard to keep up. There are a few confusing moments where you are unsure if it is all meant to be part of the show and this interrupts the flow of the piece.

However this is one woman's bizarre yet touching personal view of the world which could resonate with anyone who's ever felt under pressure of this thing we call, life.

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Isabelle Stokes

Isabelle Stokes Local reporter

Theatre Royal Brighton Young Writer 2016, Wicked Young Writer - 'For Good' Award Winner 2016 and New Writing South 'Finish Lines' Bursary Winner.

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