Sonics in Toren

Sonics in Toren is a triumphant display of extraordinary physical strength, balance and trust like nothing I have ever witnessed before.

Sonics in Toren

Even before the show started the lighting and sound were setting an intense atmosphere, filling the large room with anticipation of what was to come. Both continued to be a key part of the show, instantly altering the mood between dark and intense, and light and graceful. The costumes were also beautiful, with the girls in particular going through several costume changes throughout the show.

The four members of the show demonstrated insane discipline and unbelievable levels of trust in one and other, whilst hanging from fabric or hoops attached to the ceiling. Their tricks and abilities left the audience in a constant shocked silence, broken only by well-earned applause and the occasional gasp.

I'm struggling to put into words just how good I found this show. I spent the entire hour in spellbound silence, unable to look away for even a second from the action unfolding in front of me. All four members demonstrated strength like none I have witnessed in the flesh before, but did it in such a beautiful and graceful manner that they made it look easy.

The storyline was intriguing and the synchronicity of the performers was highly impressive. The concentration on their faces was unbreakable, as they pulled off tricks I didn't even know were possible, shocking the audience again and again.

Just when I thought these four people couldn't get any more talented, one of the women surprised me, and most of the audience too, by coming out dancing on pointe, a discipline that takes years to master.

Overall it was an exemplary show with beautiful choreography, lighting and sound perfectly in sync with each other and all four performers displaying amazing skill. This is a must see show, don't miss it!

Sonics in Toren is on at 3pm until August 31st, excluding 17th and 24th.

Suitable for all ages.


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