The Fleetwood Mac Legacy - GYOW

My 2nd time seeing this fabulous performance, a lot of new parts which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

This part of the review is from Lee, my boyfriend's perspective as he is new to this music and I thought it would be great as he came with me to see this performance. 

We went to see this performance on Saturday 9th March at Burnley Mechanics. The show started at 7:30pm and was a seated venue

Settling in, the seats were comfy enough but were small and all connected together, meaning all movement made by others could be felt, which if you’re sensitive to, like myself, can cause quite a bit of discomfort or over stimulation. Burnley Mechanics’ provided internet was also of poor quality which if you rely on apps that require the internet can be a problem.

The performance started with a song which they followed up with some context about the band, which was a running theme during the performance. The entire show was designed to blend Fleetwood Mac’s songs with their history, which works well for long time fans as well as new fans, like myself. Long time fans can both test their knowledge and appreciate others’ dedication whereas new fans can learn context about the band, helping endear Fleetwood Mac to these new fans all the more.

While I have very limited knowledge of Fleetwood Mac, the performances by the band helped me to understand each original members unique personalities and traits, such as Stevie Nicks’ eccentric sound and Christine McVie’s stylings.

Throughout the performance , which consisted of two parts, we were treated to numerous outfit changes, songs with different lead vocalists and a view into how each member evolved overtime through aspects like the way they dressed or danced. One thing that stood out was the way, after suffering personal loss and tragedy, Stevie Nicks’ singing became far more intense and her dancing progressed from slight shaking of the hips to weightlessly floating about the stage, her white dress and shawl ethereal and captivating.

I went into the show knowing very little about Fleetwood Mac and left with an unexpected appreciation and a desire to hear more. A great experience for fans both new and old. -end of Lee's review- 

A much enjoyed experience with a bit of annoyance from some of the audience, overall a well spent evening! 

Header Image Credit: Lee Plane


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