A fantastic night spent at Burnley Mechanics watching an unbelievably good Tribute band! 

When it comes to cover bands, it can sometimes be difficult to truly capture the vibe of the originals, LIVEWIRE had no difficulty with this whatsoever. LIVEWIRE are a conduit for the infectious energy of old school hard rock. I had the pleasure of seeing their recent performance at a Burnley Mechanics and it was an evening filled with nostalgia and pure entertainment.

We went to see LIVEWIRE: THE ACDC SHOW on Saturday, 10th June, the doors opened at 7pm but the show started at 8pm. The standing area seemed large at first but filled up quickly, the stage was cleanly organised and well lit.

From the moment the band took the stage, it was evident that LIVEWIRE take pride in delivering an authentic and high-quality performance. The singer did a remarkable job at delivering what everyone was no doubt anxious to hear, Brian Johnson’s unique sound. 

He was even able to mimic his speaking voice exceptionally well.  Their attention to detail, from the vocals to the instruments, was pleasing to say the least, paying homage by using Marshall cabinet stacks and a Gibson SG just like Angus. They succeeded in paying respect to the original songs, channelling ACDC’s unique flair.

They started the show on what I would consider a strange opening song, Realise, unlike some other bands that usually prefer to start with a more recognisable classic such as Back in Black or TNT, though I feel this helps stamp some uniqueness to LIVEWIRE’s performance.

The second song of the setlist was TNT, a fan favourite from the 1975 album of the same name, and this did wonders for working up the crowd with the benefit of audience interaction.

Throughout the night, LIVEWIRE hit fan favourite after favourite, banger after banger with the likes of Whole lotta Rosie, Riff Raff, Let their be rock and You shook me all night long. The crowd was jumping and belting it out alongside the singer.

Another aspect that enhanced the overall experience was the band's chemistry on stage and likeness to the members of ACDC. ACDC’s Angus Young is famous and beloved for his energetic, chaotic personality and LIVEWIRE’S lead guitarist channelled Angus’ character magically, romping up and down the stage with fervour. We even got treated to a classic Angus striptease to the rhythm of The Jack. 

It was evident that they enjoyed performing together, and their camaraderie translated into a tight-knit performance. Their stage presence was polished, with visually appealing lighting and an attractive, classic rock backdrop that enhanced the overall ambiance. 

LIVEWIRE ended the show on what is an honoured tradition, the song For those about to rock. It was a fantastic night all round, excellent music, excellent vibe and memories made.


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