The masterpiece that is Elden Ring

A review of one of the best games of 2022 and ‘Game of the Year’ contender.

The masterpiece that is Elden Ring

Elden Ring began a lengthy development in 2017 by the game's developer FromSoftware, known for its award-winning Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. The game was made in partnership with Game of Thrones writer George R. R. Martin, who crafted much of the lore and background of the game's expansive setting.

Elden Ring is a game of such expansive scale and depth that it is difficult to encapsulate the level of work that went into its construction. The game's sales outperformed even the most optimistic predictions and have since sold 13 million+ copies on various platforms as of March 20th 2022.

The game itself is an open-world RPG, where the player is a wandering lost soul — known as a tarnished. The player must cross a treacherous realm and defeat various difficult bosses to become the new Elden Lord. FromSoftware expertly combines dynamic, innovative level design with the familiar levelling-up system found in other RPG games to create an experience like no other. The player must uncover a world steeped in mystery and overcome challenging foes if they are to progress through the game's many dungeons and deadly environments.

Throughout the player's journey, they encounter numerous NPCs who either aid or hinder the player, often with their own questlines. The enemies the player will face are diverse and offer considerable challenges to the player, who must apply the correct strategy to defeat them. The weapons and items the player can discover are numerous, allowing them to customise their character and experience to their tastes.

The boss encounters the player will face are the shining tour de force of Elden Ring and the Darksouls series, and Elden ring presents the most expansive array that FromSoftware has ever attempted. From giant cosmic entities who can turn the very stars against you to witches who can corrupt your character with poison and rot, the ingenuity and creativity put into the boss design and mechanics is astounding.

Elden Ring is a once-in-a-lifetime game that fans of Darksouls and newcomers to the series must play if they are a fan of RPGs'. What FromSoftware have accomplished is truly a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment that is easily a Game of the Year contender. 

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Magellan Dissanayaka

Magellan Dissanayaka

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