Assume People Like You by Melon the Human

An  enjoyable hour of whimsy and skill, and well worth going along to – just don't forget to bring 50p!

Assume People Like You by Melon the Human

Assume People Like You is an interesting, surreal concept of a show, with some great illusions presented by Melon the Human (Thomas Stewart). It's an hour where you don’t have to think too much; simply sit back and enjoy a variety of circus skills embedded in a story about tackling personal loneliness.

The surrealness of the show does help to transport you, with effective use of music, lighting and indeed the characterisations performed. At times, the performance were mesmerizing to see and this is certainly true when watching Melon's exceptional skill at object manipulation with a broom handle, LED Bars, joined hoops and a great cube frame, to name a few. Just try not to squirm at the contortionism exhibited!

How he has managed to bring these very different skillsets together to create a show with a story, then combine that with some humour to present something audience can gasp, laugh and simply smile at is an achievement. Assume People Like Yo is one man captivating a room that could be a million miles away from reality.

This is an enjoyable hour of whimsy and skill, and well worth going along to. Oh and given the hot weather, trust me when I say taking a 50p coin along will serve you well…

Read our interview with Melon the Human here

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