Top tip 1: Love your art

Choose an arts activity you really enjoy and you'll love doing your award too. Arts Award lets you decide what you do, so now's the time to get into some crazy art form no-one's heard of but you think is great. Maybe it's time to give yarn-bombing a go?

Top tip 1: Love your art

Arts Award is not limited to a specific type of art in any way, in fact, it's quite the opposite. The idea is that you enjoy it, so don't impose unnecessary limits. One thing I found out pretty quickly was that there were so many different arts opportunities at my finger tips that I knew nothing about.

In terms of choosing your art form, I would say there are five main steps in order to get the most out of what you love:

Step One: Look in the Mirror – Take a moment to self-reflect, think about things you're interested in or have always wanted to try. For example, I have always admired graffiti from a distance, but never considered doing it as an arts form until I began my Gold Arts Award. Your art form could range from singing to theatre craft to video effects or being a DJ. The choice is entirely yours.

Step Two: Do Your Research – Get in touch with local arts organisations and social places that promote your arts form. Look at where you can practice it and the different practices involved, what is there that you could learn?

Step Three: Get Active – Practice your chosen arts form as much as you can, try and relate it to different areas of your life. Think about how you practice it, are there specific occasions when your arts form is practiced? The more events you go to, the more you will learn, this will also allow you to meet other people that enjoy the same arts form as you.

Step Four: Find Your Niche – Everybody is unique. Each of us interacts with the arts in a different way. It's great to use what other people do as inspiration, but is there something you've always wanted to try? This is your chance to try those things, don't be afraid to do something different, or be a little risky. (Your Arts Award Adviser will be of great use at this point, run ideas past them and get their opinion on what you want to do.)

Step Five: Be Loud – Let other people know what you're doing, I guarantee they'll be interested. Get your friends involved, whether they give you a hand to get things done or just promote your work, it will give you a chance to share something you enjoy with them.

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19. Law student. Dance and art. London. Twitter: @NehaOldSoul Instagram: @nkl96For me art is an opportunity, a way to express and be heard, a chance to make a change.

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