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Hey guys! How are we all doing one week in? (more than one week for some) Quarantine, lockdown and isolation may seem like scary words, but in my book, it’s just an excuse to blast your own music without anyone else complaining about the song choices or volume… Here are some of my picks...

  1. Mean It by Lauv

I featured this song recently on my Instagram stories - it’s the perfect spring afternoon tune for when you decide to take your daily walk (we’re still allowed outside, people!) whack this on your headphones and stroll out into the sunshine, just remember to keep a couple of metres apart from anyone else. 

  1. Make Me Feel by Janelle Monae

It’s honestly difficult to feel sad or bored when a song this good is on. Janelle Monae released one of the standout albums of the 2010s and I’m so glad she’s finally getting all the success she deserves. What a talent! She wrote this tune with the late and great Prince and that funky guitar part proves it. The perfect song for a bedroom dance party.

  1. Born This Way by Lady Gaga

It wouldn’t be a list without the queen of pop on there, now would it? Lady Gaga’s tunes never fail to plaster a smile on my face, and Born This Way is among the greatest of them. She’s a legend reminding you that you, too, are a legend, and to love yourself the way you are. Exactly the kind of encouragement we need right now. 

  1. You Are The Right One by Sports

Another dreamy, hazy summer’s afternoon tune. Stick this on and catch some rays in your garden, or put on in the evenings for a lovely chilled night. Songs don’t get chill-er, basslines don’t get groovier, than this one. 

  1. Floating Features by La Luz

What a cool band these ladies have formed. Surf music is not all that common these days, and even less so when it’s women behind the instruments. But these girls really slay, and this is probably their best song. Put it on for inspiration, motivation whilst doing some killer at-home yoga routines, or just for a good boogie. You won’t regret it. 

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Giulia Donà dalle Rose

Giulia Donà dalle Rose

Hi, I’m a musician all the way from sunny Italy with a passion for all things travel, music and cultural! I hope you enjoy reading through some of my musings about my travels and experiences of living in London…

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