Arts Award Journey

Completing the challenge I set for my Arts Award

Arts Award Journey

My Final Journey


What was your challenge?

My challenge was to learn how to knit.

Why did you choose this challenge?

I choose this challenge because learning how to knit is something I always wanted to learn.

How did you plan to achieve this?

I went to a sewing group at a haberdashery shop in Reigate and the ladies who work there taught me to knit.

Did you achieve your learning challenge or not? 

I did achieve my learning challenge of learning to knit.

In your introduction you stated that you wanted to create a specific piece of work. Did you make this or something different?

I did make my specific piece which was a scarf but I also made other things to. I made socks, dolls and bears. I made a jumper, hats, gloves all knitted.

Give a detailed account of how you created your final piece emphasising what you learnt as your worked.

(hint, detail the creative journey of the piece of work which you think shows off your new abilities the most)

I decided to write an account about how I made a knitted doll using my loom as it was my favourite thing to make and showed off my new skills.

  1. I drew a plan of what I wanted my doll to look like.
  2. The equipment and resources I needed was a loom, wool, scissors, loom hook, stuffing and a needle to sew the doll up.
  3. First I made a slip knot using wool
  4. I then put the slip not on the JPEG tight but not to tight
  5. Then I cast on by zig zagging the wool along the JPEGS and back again
  6. I Kept repeating around one half of the circle.
  7. I then looped the bottom wool over the top wool, taking it over the JPEG using the loom hook.
  8. I made sure I pushed down each level as I went, pushing them down each time.
  9. I eventually made one side of the circle complete making one leg and then I repeated the process again on the other side of the circle and made the other leg.
  10. I finished the legs and then tied on the new colour for the t-shirt for the dolls clothes
  11. I started the process again but this time I knitted all the way round the circle and kept doing it until the t-shirt was completed.
  12. I tied on new wool for the head to be made.
  13. I Loom knitted the dolls head using the same process as before.
  14. I managed to create the doll using my loom and stitched it together and used polyfill to stuff the doll. I then added a skirt and arms.
  15. I then finished the doll after I added hair and face using coloured wool.

utube has many demonstrations that can teach you how to loom knit, this helped me so much along with going to a workshop.

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Poppy Gale

Poppy Gale

I have done a sliver arts award before and now I am doing a Gold Arts Award.

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  • Carol Leach

    On 23 September 2018, 07:46 Carol Leach commented:

    thank you for sharing this information Poppy, I have a circular loom and wondered how to best use it, now I know I think my granddaughter and I will make some little dollies together.

  • Abi Rose Leach

    On 23 September 2018, 07:48 Abi Rose Leach commented:

    nice work, lovely little dolls

  • Joshua Gould

    On 26 September 2018, 12:30 Joshua Gould Contributor commented:

    It sounds like a fabulous Artform - I don't suppose you could share with us some pictures of the works you've made?
    Perhaps if you have the time you could make a nice woolen version of our logo!

  • Grace Wolstenholme

    On 2 October 2018, 18:22 Grace Wolstenholme commented:

    you make knitting sound interesting.

  • Ansel John

    On 10 November 2018, 09:23 Ansel John commented:

    I always appreciate art world. I really think through this we can show our talent and have decided to share with friends after their [url=]trips from dc[/url] for getting appreciation for you. Anyway, dolls are cute.

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