It's (almost) Christmasssss!!

Christmas is my favourite time of year. However, I personally prefer the run up to Christmas than the actual day because once the day is here everything seems to be over and done with so quickly.

It's (almost) Christmasssss!!

I love doing all things Christmas from the 1 December right up until Christmas Eve, so i thought I would write a little favourite things to do, see and wear on the run up to christmas, to get into the Christmas spirit!

1.Christmas Markets

I LOVE it when the christmas markets make their reappearance. I love the street food markets but can never seem to pace myself enough to try everything that I want, you'd think that by the next year I would have learned but each year I go back and each year the same thing happens. Obviously the food is my favourite part of the markets but I love looking at the cute the little present stalls and all the handmade gifts. The amount of effort and time that must go into each item seems crazy to think about!

2. Christmas shopping

As cheesy as it sounds, I love buying presents for people, I am never organised enough to have my presents wrapped and ready by the start of December but I definitely have an idea of what I want to buy people by the end of November. Is that too eager? I personally like buying presents that reflect that particular persons personality and likes, I like to buy things that I have put thought into rather than gift vouchers and bath stuff ( which are both great presents by the way!!) I love buying presents and it takes a lot of effort to not tell people what I have them.

3. Watching films

This is one of my favourite activities no matter what the season but there's just something about cuddling up on the cold, dark wintery nights watching Christmas films that just make it seem that little bit more special. Give my personally rated Top 10 favourite christmas films article to read to hopefully get some film inspiration this December.

4. Christmas Eve Jarmies

When people tell me that they do not get new jarmies every year to wear on Christmas Eve, I take this news a lot more personally than I probably should. It has been tradition ever since I was born to get new Jarmies and watch a film a film on Christmas Eve, I already know exactly which ones I am having this year and have known since the middle of November.

5. Christmas Jumpers

Don't get me wrong, I do love a Christmas Jumper but I do have to draw a line at singing jumpers abd jumpers that light up. When choosing the perfect christmas jumper I lean more towards subtle themes that blend in nicely to the christmas related patterns. I have been wearing an Avengers christmas jumper for the past two years and don't see that changing any time soon!

6. Works night out (or school).

It always fun to go out with your friends or work colleagues but people seem to be more accepting to fun during December, whether its with the help of liquid courage or just the christmas buzz going on a christmas night out or day trip just helps the group bond. You either go back in January ashamed of your actions or with a new found friendship all with helping hand of christmas.

7. Secret Santa

The easy yet affective way of saving money. I love it when that bowl of names makes its way towards you and you get to pick someone out of it. With an affordable monetary limit you get to buy your colleague a present with the insurance of them not knowing who had them if they hate it. Again, referring back to number 2, I like to buy personality related presents however its a colleague I don't really know, thats when bath stuff and vouchers become my new friend.

8.Christmas food

The run up to christmas also coincides with the run with I'm a Celebrity which then used to mean getting to see all the great party food in Iceland, which this year doesn't seem to be happening. Let. Down. I love buying all the fancy (yes, you can be fancy and shop in Iceland) party food that you probably wouldn't be getting throughout the year. I think other than films, food is one of my favourite things. like, ever.

9. Pantomimes

Christmas theatre, what more would you want? Every town in existence in England will be doing one of the small number of recycled stories this year so it will be more than easy for you to find one to go and see. Sometimes a little pricey but fun for all of the family and one of the only times you can participate as an audience member.


My mum is a decorations obsessive. The decorations we can get away with as normal household additions are kept up throughout the year. We have stars that chance colour on the kitchen window and I cant remember a time that they weren't there. I love driving through the different towns and seeing the different decorations and feel like the more the better. If I could I would every single decoration up all year round, but the small star lights will just have to do. As soon as it turns the 1st of December them decorations are up and I already feel 90% more christmassy.

If you have some points to add to the list, please comment below. You may help introduce some new favourite things for me to do this December.

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  • Emrys Green

    On 25 December 2017, 07:48 Emrys Green Voice Team commented:

    I would add going to see Family - both my Wife’s and my own families are spread across England and Wales. So it’s a time of year for travelling around to see them. Sometimes it’s the only time in the year we do!

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