Let’s Create a Board Game for Empathy

A workshop designed to illustrate the challenges of staying connected - through board games!

Let’s Create a Board Game for Empathy

"Let's Create a Board Game for Empathy" was a workshop ran by Mozilla workers Laura De Reynal and Bobby Richter. Located on the 7th floor, the 'Demystify the Web' space was decorated to replicate that of a carnival, complete with bubble blower and tent-like entrance.

An interesting concept, I was fascinated to learn how the creation of a board game could connect us and create a more inclusive web. After a 5 minute introduction, we were split into groups of our choice and handed cards with themes upon them to try and incorporate into our game.

My group decided to focus on a monopoly-style game, with the theme being losing signal. Our idea stemmed from personal experience when relying on mobile data (when WiFi is unavailable) and how 4G sometimes isn't always an option, but 3G being insufficient to support your level of internet usage. Our title was "Connection". There were six groups in total, and all sported an original idea around the themes of internet loss, connection and durability.

The goal of the session was to generate enough content to have the beginnings of a game that could potentially be made. There were so many of us that I feel time management could've been handled better, as we spent a lot of time discussing without a lot of content being produced, perhaps this style of workshop would've worked better as a drop in?

For future reference, I'd recommend attending this event with a friend or as part of a group. To quote one participant, "your enjoyment depended on which group you were in" which I'd agree with, as 45 minutes of the session was dedicated toward creating the board game within your self-contained group.

Although I'd have appreciated more guidance from the leaders, this workshop was a fantastic opportunity for those interested in developing a game, as it focused on your devising abilities and less on the technological side.


Tara Glenn

Tara Glenn Voice Reporter

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  • Sienna James

    On 15 November 2016, 10:42 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    What an intriguing workshop topic!! :)

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