Meet Yasmin El-Saie, the holistic entrepreneur taking social media by storm

Also known as Chilliwawa on Instagram, Yasmin is changing the way we view our 4 legged friends...

Meet Yasmin El-Saie, the holistic entrepreneur taking social media by storm

Introducing London-based Yasmin El-Saie, an all-rounded holistic entrepreneur specializing in Yoga, Reiki and dog anxiety. Otherwise known as ‘Chilliwawa’ on social media, Yasmin and her four-legged companion Chilli Chihuahua, a vibrant bundle of energy who struts alongside his loyal sidekick, Sukhi (an even tinier Chihuahua), have earned an army of fans thanks to Yasmin showcasing Chilli's life on Facebook, where he immediately became a hit with users gaining over 10,000 followers and an Instagram following of over 28k.  

With anxiety becoming a new frontier in the human experience, Yasmin is on a mission to educate ALL dog owners about the importance of acknowledging & understanding that our canine companions can also suffer from this debilitating condition.  

With her determined Egyptian & German heritage routes, Yasmin is keen to spread the message that just like humans, dogs can experience shortened breath, a tightening chest, pounding hearts, and a hazy world when anxiety takes hold. Imagine your beloved pooch feeling anxiety, but without a voice to be heard.

 Talking about her dog Chilli’s struggle with anxiety, Yasmin says,

"I was completely unaware that dogs could have mental health issues. It was Chilli's anxiety that made me realize I shared his anxiety. He became my mirror, reflecting the extreme state I was in myself. Each time I stepped out of the house, my heart pounded, and I dreaded facing the outside world. I saw the same tension in his little body, bracing himself for the unexpected."

Years of holistic learning and training have inspired Yasmin to share her journey of living with an anxious dog through the “I am anxious too!” campaign on Chilliwawa’s Instagram account and website.  

Each week, Yasmin and Chilli provide valuable tips and insights on how to support and initiate healing for both dogs and their human companions. She expresses.

"I love that social media enables me to raise awareness for such an important cause. People are often unaware that not all dogs are calm and approachable.  When a dog reacts unexpectedly, the person may not understand and hastily judge the dog as bad or aggressive. It would be wonderful if more people were aware of dog anxiety and reactivity, helping us prevent challenging situations for our four-legged friends. We simply need to learn how to better understand them!"

Yasmin’s humble & balanced background includes teaching Yoga and Meditation for the Heart of Living Yoga charity, a foundation that celebrates unity and diversity and offers the experience of living with an open heart. This is when healing begins for us all. For Yasmin, “Yoga has offered me ways and paths on how to heal, better my life and find peace within. Yoga showed me alternatives on acting and managing situations, as well as choosing to take inspiration from the positive and how not to engage and not to invite the negative.” 

Specialising in restorative yoga, Yasmin’s passion for meditation & spiritual beliefs led her to do an intense 3-year Yoga Ministry Training course to obtain a Heart Ministry Diploma. This enabled Yasmin to become a registered Reverend in the UK Clergy Office. This meant that Yasmin could humbly & officially marry people, perform childbirth blessings, any religious ceremony and bereavement support. Yasmin is keen to share her powerful love and all-embracing heart space to those who have lost a beloved pet.   

Yasmin is also qualified in Reiki levels I & II and will be taking her Reiki Master. Yasmin regularly practices Reiki healing on dogs and their human companion. This type of therapy is a form of energy healing, enabling the practitioner to guide energy throughout the body and promote a person’s & dog’s self-healing abilities. The healing technique may reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and lessen pain.  

Follow Yasmin’s Instagram account for regular tips on how to manage anxiety for yourself and your pet.  

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