Metropolis Studio Unveils New Projects For 2024

Award-winning creative studio Metropolis is excited to unveil new projects for 2024 and continue to share its unique design and architectural vision.

Award-winning creative studio Metropolis is excited to unveil new projects for 2024 and continue to share its unique design and architectural vision. Partnering with developer Genesis Property, Metropolis created Yunity Park, a groundbreaking workspace concept that prioritises environmental responsibility, employee well-being, flexible work arrangements, and cost efficiency. Metropolis' commitment to sustainability and a progressive employee-oriented approach has resulted in a unique project celebrated for both its interior and exterior design.  

 A remarkable transformation was taken from an imaginative concept to reality, a metamorphosis that would replace a rigid and brutal concrete expanse with a stunning park created to flow into the urban landscape seamlessly. This project pioneeringly transforms the office landscape. Metropolis' founder and leading architect Dragos Epure explains: "One of our primary challenges was finding the perfect material to bring our geometrical concept to life. This required meticulously crafting customisedmoulds to harness the material's inherent plasticity". 

Corian emerged as the ideal material for this project due to its versatile properties, including its inherent hygienic qualities, ease of maintenance, and exceptional durability. The sculpted contours of these surfaces harmonise with the meticulously designed interplay of lighting, strategically positioned to accentuate the fluid geometry. This harmonious combination creates a captivating spectacle that effortlessly integrates form and function. 

The Unity Park reception area perfectly exemplifies the essence of pure parametric design. It embodies a harmonious blend of fluidity and nature's wild elegance. Over a transformative two-year period, this visionary project underwent a series of remarkable metamorphoses. As a result, the final product seamlessly marries functionality with aesthetic allure. "Every aspect of this space, from its sinuous surfaces to its very flooring, forms an intrinsic extension of the park's exterior geometry," says Epure. 

 The studio's primary focus remains on public spaces, ardently advocating sustainability by incorporating responsible construction practices and materials with a minimal carbon footprint in every project. Born exclusively as an architectural practice, Metropolis has evolved into a full-fledged brand development studio. From building community connections in participatory design, innovative spaces, and social sustainability through parametric design and progressive architecture. The multi-disciplinary character of Metropolis is reflected in its approach, which encompasses projects in architecture, product design, and art installation. 

  With a one million euro turnover, Metropolis continues to pursue exciting new design projects. The company is diversifying its business portfolio, with an additional focus on interior design and apparel. They will also unveil a collection of unique furniture pieces that serve as architectural metaphors, conveying functionality and aesthetics and a complex narrative of femininity, maternal love, and the evolution of design in a symbolic and captivating new collection, ‘MOM’. 

  Making its mark on the international stage, Metropolis won the Biophilic Design Award for their exceptional design of Hiro Bay in 2022. This emerging concept focuses on integrating natural elements, such as plants and light, into indoor spaces. Their dedication to sustainable and innovative design has positioned them as a leading designer in the industry. Metropolis Studio has also undertaken projects of great social importance that involve transforming public spaces in Bucharest, aiming to redefine the urban canvas of the city, which is dominated by office buildings surrounded by concrete and parking lots.  


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