When the Tides Went Down

Created by BBC New Creative Jordan Buckner, this short film captures the essence of the Climate Crisis in our country with a raw and poignant approach.

When the Tides Went Down

The opening exudes a simple serenity with scenes of green, once untouched but now tainted with the fingerprints of man. A single aged voice tells of a time before the change, giving the audience a sense of nostalgia for a life they never had. The accompanying music is calm but brooding, fostering an air of unease.

Punctuated by pockets of unsettling sounds, the soundscape develops into a collage of blame and excuses as the more realistic implications of humans on our planet are revealed. Polluted waterways, abandoned litter, and desolate landscapes, raising sadness and guilt within the audience. This gradual shift in mood of the film and soundscape is relatively subtle until the fire cuts through like a knife, leaving destruction and devastation in its wake. To an extent, this shift mirrors reality and the attitudes of too many people. The subtle changes of our planet barely penetrate the consciousness of most, until the extreme strikes, and lives and homes are destroyed. 

A sense of peace is finally restored, and the roots of new hope planted as a murmuration of starlings dances and ducks against the glowing hues of a quiet sky. The film leaves the audience on a note of newly embraced acceptance.

This is a necessary and thought-provoking watch in our changing world. The conception is highly relevant, with the artwork and soundscape marrying seamlessly to create a beautifully executed piece.

Header Image Credit: Jordan Buckner


Ellen Taylor

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  • Elle Farrell-Kingsley

    On 25 February 2021, 10:29 Elle Farrell-Kingsley Contributor commented:

    Your description of this piece is so poetic Ellen! When the Tides Went Down sounds like a super interesting piece I'll have to check out.

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