Lego Ideas Grand Piano 21323

As a long-time Lego fan and classical pianist, I can’t think of anything better to have received for my 21st birthday.

Lego Ideas Grand Piano 21323

3662 pieces strong, I felt that I couldn’t not own this stonker of a Lego set. This masterpiece can connect to a phone and when a song is selected, the 25 individual notes move independently. Not only this, but it includes a fully functioning lid, keyboard cover, music stand, and functioning sustain pedal, with an adjustable stool and tiny sheet music thrown in for good measure, and the entire model sitting on little wheels.

First Impressions

The box is big, the biggest gift (in volume) that I have received for at least 10 years, and to my satisfaction, totally full of bags of Lego. This is not like most large sets which have huge boxes but just a few measly bags hiding at the bottom, every inch of space is utilised. Not only this, but I have never seen an instruction booklet so thick, and on flicking through, found there are a gobsmacking 840 steps! The perfect project to sink my teeth into during the Christmas period.

1f039104046a748d94c891d5c3cd367c18b32a6d.jpeg The Build

Despite the sheer enormity of the task, as with all Lego sets, the build itself was straightforward and the instructions clear and easy to follow. My only qualm was the repetitive nature of parts of the build, but I guess that comes with the territory when you’re constructing a mini grand piano, fit with keys, hammers and strings. I worked through the instructions slowly and steadily, completing one or two bags of the 21 bags each day. It took me a total of 13 days and I enjoyed it immensely.

The Resultd4c44da9d05a69d522ea7dcf4e89e08c9daffef1.jpeg

The end result is extremely impressive and everything I had hoped for visually, despite a slight misalignment in the finished model that only someone as pernickety as me would notice! The smooth shiny finish conveys the effortless elegance of a real grand piano, and the electronic aspect of the model works well. After inserting the batteries into the piano and downloading the app onto my phone, they effortlessly paired together via Bluetooth. I am able to select songs and pieces using the app, and the audio plays through my phone while the individual keys of the piano move independently! 

123bb3b3c4cf81f480169f6c09ee4d1009c994fb.jpegThere are two settings to choose from: ‘Listen’ or ‘Play’. The ‘Listen’ option simply allows you to choose a piece from a moderate selection of crowd-pleasers and the music is played whilst the piano keys move independently in a pre-programmed pattern. Whereas, under ‘Play’, a reduced selection of pieces are available and on selection, the music plays as you press the keys of the piano itself.4d2afefddc1c171b5e7448ba1c0383b3c57beb4b.jpeg

Although the Lego mechanisms are a little clunky and the keys sometimes get stuck, it is a charming gift and I absolutely love it. I feel very lucky to have achieved a life goal of owning a grand piano, albeit on the small side!


Ellen Taylor

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Ellen is currently in her 4th year studying classical piano at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. she has enjoyed a varied musical career including teaching, playing in an Orchestra and performing in many venues including Wigmore Hall and The Royal Albert Hall. She also enjoys playing classical guitar, walking her dog and improving her cooking skills in her spare time.

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