Lazy Dog Toy release 'Country Mile' EP

The collective explore the euphoric nostalgia of childhood memories

Lazy Dog Toy release 'Country Mile' EP

The Lazy Dog Toy collective was formed a couple of years back by session musician Alex White; the former Silent Running member had at that point been writing music for adverts and brands for the best part of a decade. As a seasoned musician he'd longed to go back to writing without boundaries and use his wealth of experience as a platform for other creatives. From this melting pot of ideas The Lazy Dog Toy collective was formed.

With an outlook to incorporate musicians from both sides of the Atlantic Lazy Dog Toy started releasing music putting out several singles with guest appearances from a multitude of singers and musicians. Receiving regonal radio support from across the world it wasn't long before the band set their sights on something more substantial. from this the Country Mile EP was born

Awash with visual imagery and nostalgic memories, the record flickers through a picture book of childhood flashbacks relatable to most people. Between the swirling keys and jingling guitars their's a consistent warmth, a comfort in the familiarities explored. Wether it's the dream like exploration of rock pools on Country Mile or the smooth hypnotic ode to a spiders web on Silky thread  the EP is a much needed comfort during these dark winter days. 

Like the soothing reassurance of your mothers cooking this EP captured the joy of memories and converts them into song. Featuring musicians; Ariel Petrie (Country Mile), Rory Sullivan (Glorious, Silky Thread), Eleni Vorvolokas (Silky Thread) and Chanele McGuiness (Love & Kindness) the EP is a celebration of collaboration, love and positivity.

Although it didn't break as many barriers as I hoped it certainly made for an enjoyable and uplifting listen,


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