The audience is led on a journey of despair, solitude and eventual peace through a mesmerising blend of spoken word poetry, animation, and music, created by New Creative Kam Szewczuk.


The overriding theme of Mirrors is escapism. An extremely relevant theme during 2020 with much to escape from. 

Lomo is ghosting through life. It holds no meaning. Her detachment from life is as suffocating as the night which falls around her. Looking in her mirror, she finds hope of a better existence. The mirror becomes the means of escape. Lomo wakes up in a place where the colours are new, the shapes are abstract, and the peace is endless. With this new dawn she finds wellbeing and safety, worlds away from the eternal emptiness of yesterday. In this land Lomo is not alone, and she finds quiet peace with a long-nosed witch-hatted companion.

I found Mirrors to be a thought-provoking minute and a half with each element of this work complimenting the others with a sense of inevitability, as if it could not have been any other way. The narration is sensitively spoken, and the imagery of the poem is poignant, with the simplicity of the accompanying music subtly adding to the atmosphere without being overpowering. Each scene is a piece of illustrative artwork in itself with unique combinations of colours and shapes, brought to life by delicate animations to create a sense of character, not only in Lomo, but in all of her surroundings. A distinctive and compelling piece of art.

You can also read our interview with Kam Szewczuk here

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Header Image Credit: Kam Szewczuk


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