An audio performance by Babirye Bukilwa


The best way that I can describe 'Mirrors' is a guided meditation that goes against the grain of 'mindfulness' (observing everything else around you) and instead directs your thoughts inward. Given the title, this is probably the idea.

You are asked to look at yourself in a mirror throughout, and this flavours the performance with more personal significance than your average audio experience. You're not asked to lose yourself in fantasy or sound, instead you're forced to confront your reflection, and what it means to be you.

In many ways I wish I'd listened to this at a lower point in my life, because the voice in your ear asks you to re-evaluate your own agency in the world – your own godliness. 

I love this piece because it (very cleverly) points out how much value and power we have to change as individuals, at a point in history when we often feel powerless.

'You Give Me Butterflies' is part of Popelei's PRESS PLAY season of new digital work.You can still catch it at: https://www.popelei.com/press-play-mirrors-hiddenplayer


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