2018 UK Beatboxing Championships

The UK beatboxing championships of 2018 hosted at Battersea arts centre, London. My experience of the day taking part in workshops and watching the eliminations later at night.

UK Beatboxing championships 2018

On the 27th of October at Battersea arts centre, London. The UK beatboxing championships had returned for its annual event. We attended talks, workshops and masterclasses, run by professional beatboxers giving us the chance to interact as a group and ask questions.
This was a valuable experience as we got to hear an insight into the history and fundamentals of beatboxing. A talk run by Danny Ladwa from the school of beatbox mentioned how he used beatboxing to overcome his stammer, and has set up a program working with kids in schools to help them overcome theirs.
Then we met Bellatrix. Female champion, 2014 & 2016. After giving us an impressive beatboxing demonstration accompanied by Grace Savage, she then went on to talk about how beatboxing has been inputted into hospitals, where children and young kids with lung/ heart problems. Were able to learn breathing techniques that are used in beatboxing and singing.
This was truly astounding to see how beatboxing could help connect people of different ages. Using sounds that everybody could recognise like silly chicken noises. Bring an element of humour and fun, and also an opportunity for people to not take themselves too seriously.
We later went onto an advanced beatboxing workshop and looper masterclass. Run by BMG and The Mad Twins. This was another amazing experience as we got to ask questions on how to make certain sounds and develop technique. I personally found this difficult as some of it was more advanced than my current capabilities. However, I still feel that I was able to gain from this experience.
Later in the evening we watched the eliminations of the under 18s, the loop station eliminations and the grand finals. The under 18s were good as they are the future generation of beatboxers, they showed such enthusiasm and courage.
Next was the loop station elimination. I was impressed by the amazing sounds produced. Although there were a few technical faults all went smoothly however, when D-Low came to battle Balance he had already had his looper on the wrong setting costing him the round.
Finally, into the solos where the competition really rises as each challenger ups their game to compete. Much like last year the two runners up D-Low & Frosty went head to head after partnering up in the team rounds. Last year frosty won, but this year D-Low took the victory.
Even though competing all contestants shown a massive amount of love and appreciation for one another and that was a joy to see. Beatboxing is a community and a family where people of all skill sets are welcome. I am truly delighted to feel a part of this family and see where the future of beatboxing may take me.


Jamie Lynch

Jamie Lynch

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  • Sienna James

    On 19 September 2019, 17:32 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    Love this, Jamie, sounds like you had a fab time. What was your favourite part of the championship? Did anything surprise you?

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