What is Arts Award on Voice?

Welcome to Arts Award on Voice 

This is the place for people taking part in Arts Award to get ideas, research and step-by-step guidance. It's brought to you by Voice magazine - the platform for young people's views on arts, culture, tech and politics.

You'll find examples of work that others have submitted for Arts Award, interviews with artists for your research, how-to guides to help you plan your leadership projects, AND a place make your own portfolio.

Arts Award Voice is aimed at young people aged 13+ but if you're under 16, you should get your parent's permission to register.

Use Arts Award Voice hubs and portfolio collections
You'll need to sign in here to get access to the Arts Award Voice hubs which take you through each part of Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards with downloads and checklists. You can post blogs and reviews for your Arts Award and save them to My Portfolio in your profile area. Create a portfolio collection by for each level of Arts Award you're completing: find out how

After Arts Award
And once you've completed your Arts Award qualification, you can get support from our Life after Arts Award section or get involved with Voice magazine.

What is Voice magazine?

Voice is an online culture magazine, open blogging platform and space to promote events and opportunities for young creatives aged 16-30. Voice covers a range of issues of importance to young people in their teens and twenties. You can read and contribute to Voice without having any experience with Arts Award. 

At Voice we're passionate about young people's views. We know how much you have to say about the arts, culture and the fast changing (and sometimes troubling) world around us. 

We designed Voice as a platform for youth opinion, lively debate and interrogation of the arts and cultural world. We aim to bring you contemporary, thoughtful and provocative pieces. Arts, culture, politics and technology all interlink, and we want to explore that connection through interviews, features and comment pieces. 

Register with Voice Magazine to post blogs and reviews. Get your voice heard.