Dance Springs

I went to the Weston Auditorium University of Hertfordshire, on Saturday 3rd of May 2014, where I saw the performance called “Dance Springs”. This was a collection of short dance pieces. I will only review two of the pieces. The performances were all created and danced by emerging artists. The intention was to try and bring together Dance, Choreographers and the Digital Media.

The first dance is called “Bridging the Void” by Choreographer and Film Artist Rachel Johnson.

Dance Springs

It was about dark and light with the dance starting in the dark all you could hear was a woman sobbing.

This was what I saw.

The dark arrived seemingly out of nowhere making me feel completely  scared.

In the background the sound of a woman sobbing made me wonder what was going on .Gradually the dawn appeared across a huge screen. As the sun rose I thought of a joyful new day beginning. As the light dawned I saw colours appear revealing the blue sky The day began with people slowly emerging moving  and dancing through the parkland.

It goes here now 

Choreographer Maddy Wynne – Jones 

By Tempered Body Dance Theatre.

On a large screen numbers appeared they slowly turned into a circle with cells that divided and grew. We saw how a human being started to grow and emerge. The three dancers arrived on stage one man and two women.

They used each other’s bodies to create different levels. The man moved his hands up and down in sync with the music. Later on the three dancers changed into suits, shirts and ties. They each stood on a white circle on the floor.

It was an interesting piece full of creative movements, very enjoyable to watch.

Header Image Credit: Dance Springs


Barnabas Shayler

Barnabas Shayler

I am a dancer and would like to become a Choreographer. I have completed the Bronze and Silver Arts Awards currently I am working on the Gold. I was a member of Actone ArtsBase/ Silver Birch Dance Company. Recently I finished College studying Performing Arts at the Orpheus Centre, Surrey.

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  • Bee Snellen

    On 3 March 2019, 11:01 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    You saw this in 2014?! It must have made an impression!

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