Rippling Waters Review:

 It’s about mysterious creatures under the sea, fish, crabs, dolphins, seaweed, boats, shipwrecks, mermaids, paddles and lots of underwater creatures coming to life. 

Rippling Waters Review:

My role in Rippling Waters.

I was fortunate to be part of the team that produced this event. 

I really like being creative and the project helps me do this by using interesting props. I am learning that using props helps my creativity and imagination come alive in the dance.

I was working with Tyrone as part of the performance we used balls and hoops to create an effect of Rippling Water. I thought we worked well together he encouraged me to use my imagination to create the effect of being under the sea. This kind of help made the story more creative and helped me to feel happy and excited we bounced off each other’s ideas. 

 The art is another way of being creative with bits and pieces coming together. I find it surprising and exciting what is made by the groups over time.

 The only thing I don’t enjoy so much is the drama as it’s not my strong point but I am learning through the project to adapt and learn what my strong points are. This helps me focus my challenge in the Silver Arts Award even more. I find the expression of drama and remembering it a little hard but it is something I want to improve on.

Performance; Rippling Waters

 Evaluation: The performance was creative and used props to illustrate the story.

Fabrics where used  and a metal framed swing plus feathers balls and hoops It’s an exciting fun project, full of lots of creative things going on, for example moving around with glow in the dark lights that change colours giving a mysterious moving effect, like being underwater this represented the drama.  The blue fabric was to represent the sea and the waves, which made it interesting much more like on the sea.

The lights made it look mysterious as if the dancers were under the sea. The blue fabric in the drama was too long. I thought we needed to move the fabric around the space more.   

For this performance, a professional dancer named Tyrone worked with the group

bringing insight and imagination.   

He is part of a Company with five members creating and delivering unique performance and workshop opportunities. Their vision is to create vibrant all inclusive dance theatre and art.

Header Image Credit: ActOne ArtsBase


Barnabas Shayler

Barnabas Shayler

I am a dancer and would like to become a Choreographer. I have completed the Bronze and Silver Arts Awards currently I am working on the Gold. I was a member of Actone ArtsBase/ Silver Birch Dance Company. Recently I finished College studying Performing Arts at the Orpheus Centre, Surrey.

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  • Bee Snellen

    On 25 February 2019, 13:59 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    This sounds like quite a performance! It must have felt great to watch a performance come to fruition that you have worked on. In hindsight, are you happy with what you have achieved? Would you do anything differently?

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